About us
Discover Pātaka: Your community for mentoring and resourcing teachers
Welcome to Pātaka. Formerly known as The Garden Shed, our website has undergone a transformation to better meet the needs of mentoring and student teachers and to align with our mission as an educational resource hub.
Pātaka, is a storehouse for the community, a space to gather resources and share what we have. It represents our commitment to resourcing mentor teachers as they in turn support mentees. At Pātaka, the term ‘mentee’ refers to student teachers, beginning teachers or any teacher working to improve their practice.
Drawing inspiration from the pātaka, our platform is designed with your specific needs in mind.
For mentees, Pātaka provides resources specific to the problems of practice you are grappling with right now.
For mentoring teachers, whether you are an associate teacher, specialist classroom teacher or mentoring in another capacity – Pātaka provides support for the mentoring process and gives you access to relevant resources that you can pass on.
We know that mentor teachers are committed to supporting mentees and growing our profession. We also know that mentors are busy people. Pātaka curates the resources that you need to support the mentoring process in the time that you (don’t!) have.

Pātaka is also a place to connect with other mentors and mentees.
Join us and be a part of our supportive community.

Our Vision
Our vision at Pātaka is to be a collaborative community of mentors and mentees, fostering a culture of support and growth. We achieve this by connecting the mentoring community and equipping teachers with the resources they need.
Our Values
  1. Connection: We are a collaborative community, a place for connection amongst mentors and between mentees.
  2. Quality: We are dedicated to curating high-quality, relevant resources that can be used as a mentor or passed on to those who will benefit.
  3. Concise: We understand that time is limited. We are focused on providing teachers with what they need, and none of what they don’t.
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